If you live in or anywhere near Norman, OK, you should learn about Resonator. If you don’t live anywhere near Norman, Resonator is still an awesome example to look at of a group of artists and art-lovers coming together to engage and create a community.

Resonator is a non-profit, community center, art gallery. They recently moved into a new building at the top of Main Street, a prime locale for Art Walk. They even more recently installed their sign on the front of the building.

They have a really diverse repertoire of events, classes, showcases, discussions, panels, and performances. They bring in artist and musicians from within the community, from across the country, and even a little from around the world, though focusing on the bounty of local artistry. Some of their regular events like Kick It and Create, an event encouraging artists to come hang out in the communal space while working on their projects to foster relationships.

The group has an event coming up this Friday, July 27 called Secondhand Ceremonies. Artist, activist, and OU alumnus Alicia Smith will be showcasing some of her work focusing on indigenous women. The showcase begins at 7pm. On Saturday there will be a discussion panel at 1pm with immigration rights activists Jessica Vazquez and Angelica Villalobos.

Check out Resonator’s Facebook for more information, upcoming events, past events and come to 325 E. Main St. this weekend. Look for the Resonator emblem.


Posted by Resonator on Sunday, October 16, 2016