Her name is Tessa Violet and she’s one of the many YouTube musicians.

It was this past Saturday. I had an assignment to be working on when I stumbled on her newest music video so, my obsessive discovery of it was ill-timed. Funnily enough, the beginning line of the song is “I can’t focus on what needs to get done.”

I regret nothing.

I’m into the music video far more than the song itself, though do not get me wrong, the song is fantastic. It is exemplary of the potential of indie pop music. It’s fresh, it’s catchy, and it’s about unrequited love. It’s perfect.

The music video is even better. It’s filmed in a small grocery store where Tessa sings and dances through aisles, in a shopping cart, on the check out, on top of the freezers. Describing it does not do it justice. The pace of the editing and shots mirror the beat and melody of the song in a fun way. The whole thing is fun, charming, and kind of bouncy, a lot of which has to do with Tessa herself.

Tessa has bright yellow hair, with matching backpack and shoes, and you can tell she’s having a blast with it. She flashes some adorable, crooked smiles, sticks her tongue out a bunch, and at times tosses herself into her dance moves. If we’re talking about pop as being cookie-cutter and most of the cookies are perfect, manufactured sugar cookies, Tessa and her song are a homemade M&M cookie.

This video does feel like it’s coming from an independent artist and it’s all the better for it. This video is a musician doing the best with what she’s got to make her art and share it and nailing it.

Watch it. Obsess over it.